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Transcend Vision is an online non mainstream media website which is a platform that will offer it's viewers and listeners - Esoteric topics, short films, music videos, documentaries, Art, spiritual health and development,Visual and Audio frequency Awakening, Webinairs and much more. Conceived March 16th 2012 the mission statement for this website may seem complex but is very simple. YOUR WELL BEING. There will also be a well being guidance pod casts with Vlogs and one to one consultations provided at appointed times. All this will be posted well in advance so no one will be left out of the timeliine paradigm that is here with us now. Entertaining news from all around the world. Enlightening and interesting, Alternative and Progressive. New World TV will also offer contemporary music videos with the technical and artistic accompaniment for most of the media on this site from the New World TV Studios. Make sure you have a look at the Alternative media page  for in depth and deeply researched topics over many years  which has cumulated to the development of the Transcend Vision project.

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 Wilhelm Reich was born in 1897 in Austria, becoming a student member of the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society, led by Professor Sigmund Freud and was soon considered a new "star"  in the world of psychoanalysis. After that, in 1939-1941, he held a large number of lectures on a new form of energy, biological and cosmic, which he called orgone energy, while Reich was a professor of psychology at the New School for Social Research in New York, he decided to set up Orgone Institute, a place in the new science of orgonomiei .

 Back in the 1950's, a Physician Wilhelm Reich coined the phrase 'Orgone' energy and described it as the 'life force energy expressed as sexual energy'. He became interested in this field of study while he was a student of the famous Psychologist, Sigmund Freud. Freud had already developed the idea of 'Libidinal energy', the energy expressed from the ‘Libido’, a word he borrowed from the Latin, meaning ‘lust’ or ‘desire’ and described this energy as a 'Psychic field'. Reich simply expounded on this idea and through his research, discovered that this energy could also be measured with instruments such as the oscillograph. Orgone energy is literally a bio-electric 'sexual charge', which is simply a form of energy that is developed between two sexual partners. This energy increases from an individual only when the feelings they experience are 'pleasurable'. If the feeling is not pleasurable, then the 'Orgone' energy decreases. Pleasurable, sexual energy must be present, therefore, for a measurable amount of Orgone energy to be created. Unwitting individuals have become enamored with this energy over the last few decades, unaware of the force with which they are dabbling. Now you can learn, for the first time ever, the two mysterious, never-before-seen ancient terms that are inherent to Orgone Energy and why their meanings have been hidden from the masses for literally.

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