Why you need orgonite in your life

Your body responds on a cellular level to the radiation emitting from electrical and electronic equipment that you cannot see, touch, smell or perhaps feel (although more and more people are becoming sensitive to electromagnetic radiation). Various harmful biological effects occur when electropollution disrupts your natural energy levels, triggering stress responses that impair your body's natural ability to heal.

For example:

  • Cell walls harden, preventing nutrients from entering while locking in the entrapped toxins.
  • Irreparable DNA breaks occur.
  • Micronuclei, the diagnostic markers for cancer, proliferate.
  • The breakdown of the blood-brain barrier leads to possible inflammation and damage to the brain.
  • Normal nerve function is disrupted, creating the risk of neurodegenerative diseases.

In addition, emotionally charged events may have caused imbalances in your subtle energy system due to entrapped negative emotions. Being out of whack energetically has far-reaching effects on your personal well-being.

Orgonite to the rescue!

 Suggested orgonite placement

As a personal bodyguard carry a piece such as pocket orgonite, a pendant or a keyring.

Place muffin-sized orgonite pucks at the outer corners of your home to create a protective orgone magick circle, and also in your flower beds and veggie garden.

Put another at your water main. This will energise not only your water supply but spread back to the neighbourhood supply as well, water being a great conductor of the orgone/etheric energy generated by orgonite.

Position yet another orgonite puck at your electrical distribution board to offer protection from the EMF radiation emanating from the wiring of your home, and to bring about more efficient electricity usage and cost savings.

As expected, all electronic and electrical equipment need orgonite items to neutralise the electropollution they create. Keep orgonite near computers, WiFi routers, cordless phones, TVs, microwave ovens, refrigerators and hair dryers, for instance.

Aim for at least one orgonite device in every room - on window sills, hanging on your walls or windows, in pot plants, on furniture.

Finally place orgonite under the driver's seat of your car, and another in your boot..

Go for it !

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